Why MERN Stack is becoming Popular? | Let's See In Detail

Why MERN Stack is becoming Popular? | Let's See In Detail

                If you are a Web-developers You should have heard about the MERN stack which is built using Javascript and becoming a lot used recently, But why so, What are the Features it has from traditional PHP or Django frameworks?. Let's see in detail.

What is MERN Stack?

                Let's start by asking, Is it good to develop a full-stack application using only one language or do with multiple languages in the frontend and backend?. MERN is basically a Full-stack javascript-oriented way to develop web applications. You can use only javascript to develop a full-fledged application with database management too. MERN Basically Means Mongo-DB, Express-JS, React, Node-JS. These are the technologies that you need to know to master MERN Stack.

                The above 4 technologies can be used separately also with other functionalities but using them in a combination with this makes it powerful. The Main feature and advantages are in the technologies used. Let's see about each of them more clearly.

M => Mongo-DB

                Mongo is different from databases like MySql and oracle as it is a No-SQL database. Instead of saving data in the form of tables and schemas, it stores data in key-value pairs. We can also say that it is stored in the form of a dictionary from python or a format like JSON, being a No-SQL database the functionalities and speed of the operations increase. If you know about Schema's then you also know that tables that are used in databases cannot be extended horizontally due to the fixed no of columns, but works fine with vertically. This type of database is highly Flexible and Scalable and can be extended both vertically and horizontally.

                No-SQL databases don't have predefined Schema it is dynamic in nature, as they are not stored in tables complex queries can be performed with greater speeds. The good thing about Mongo-DB is that if you want to create an application using it, it provides a free Cluster to store data over the internet and can be accessed by making APIs. So we can directly start building applications using Mongo-DB, by creating a free account in Atlas-mongo

The Steps are procedure are given here: Documentation.Atlas.MongoDB

E => Express-JS

                Express is a javascript framework, which helps you in the backend of the web application. It uses Node-js, Many functionalities like making routes, pages, APIs can be handled using this framework. Let's understand this clearly, The main task of this technology is to handle HTTP requests like GET, POST, etc. But what are they?. Whenever you want a web page a GET request will be sent to the webserver which respond to it with an appropriate response, If you want to send some data you do a post Request and the data is received by the server. This is how Request in client-server Architecture continues.

                You can make URL patterns using Express and redirect or do some microservices based on the request. You can also use Template engines if you are creating a larger application or even use Redux. Template engines are basically which handle your pages like HTML and CSS.

Get More details and Information About Express-js Here: -  Express-js

R => React-JS

                React can sometimes consider the core part of MERN Stack as most of the functionality are due to React. It is a Javascript Library (Not Framework) that was developed by Facebook and also used in developing Facebook. It operates on developing applications in the form of components. Everything in react is a component and the data flows between the components from top to bottom. What does component mean?. If you see a webpage you can observe different things like example take Facebook there are different things like comment section, search bar, people online, messengers, etc. all these are different components that together built up the whole page.

                Being a Library makes it more flexible and users can develop web applications with their own structure and ways. The component-based methodologies indeed add many features to it. If we want to add a comment section to the profile page also we can just import the component in that page instead of editing the whole HTML and CSS. The name React came because it is declarative, It actually molds itself based on the user actions, instead of reloading the pages, more like a dynamic web page.

Get More Details and Documentation About React Here:- React.org

N => Node-js

                Node-js is the technology that enables using all the other technology because at first javascript was only used in the frontend because it was not a programing language as only browsers understand it. But Node-js enables you to use javascript like an actual programming language in both frontend and backend. Node-js is developed using the V8 engine of Chrome and C language.

                Like any other language, the popularity of javascript and node-js is also increased. There is one more important thing about Node as it comes with a package manager called NPM which also reduces a lot of burden for the developer. You can download any Node modules using this package manager, all the information of the modules are stored in a Package.json file. Which you need to send your application to someone else then there is no need to send all the modules because you can just send the main files because others can install required modules for the application using NPM and package.json file.

Get More Details and Documentation About Node-js Here:- Node-js 


                The usage of all 4 technologies makes MERN more Flexible, Scalable, and Dynamic which are the things we need in a web application. There are also different other ways to develop web pages like Django, PHP, JSP, etc. But MERN focuses on both Frontend and Backend by increasing its Functionalities and Efficiency.

                MERN Stack can look a bit complicated while you are new to web development, seeing all the routing, react ES6 syntax handling the request and sending information from Mongo, But once you can understand how things are working you can truly understand the power of MERN stack.


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