What Is Meant By GPU Mining | How to Do it

What Is Meant By GPU Mining | How to Do it

What is MINING

  • It is also known as crypto mining, it uses the power of graphic cards to create new bitcoin a digital cryptocurrency that has raised significantly in value over the years.
  • Mining in simple terms we can say a crypto generator as it uses GPU or CPU to generate the cryptocurrency.


  • A GPU  is responsible for digital rendering in computer systems.
  • As we know GPU has more power than CPU in terms of speed and data-generating, in terms of efficiency.
  • GPU can generate money in terms of cryptocurrency.
How it works?

  • There will be some mining applications for that which creates cryptocurrency from GPU mining.
  • Normally, we start that application and keep that application in the background and that application fetches the GPU miner which is present in the system.
  • Now the miner in our system continuously fetches GPU in our system. which results in some hash rates which ultimately creates the currency which is normally in USD.
  • This generated USD can be removed and added to our crypto wallet or directly accessed to the bank.
  • If we add to crypto wallet we need to wait until the required money to remove money from the wallet.

  • It requires a high-level Laptop or PC which contains a good Graphic card in it as we know the term GPU mining is completely dependent on a Graphic card.
  • It contains a good processor which is the latest in use.
  • The Laptop or PC  must and should contain a GPU.
  • The Laptop or PC must be installed with the latest Nvidia drivers or AMD drivers.
  • The miners in the system folder should be kept in a safe folder.
  • The preferred miners are phoenix or xmrigg.


  • we can do mining through CPU also but speed will be low than GPU, the maximum profit will be nearly 70% low than GPU.
  • The laptop or PC may lose its efficiency if we use CPU over GPU.
  • The Laptop or PC may become slow if we use CPU mining.
  • The Laptop or PC may be heated or corrupted by using CPU mining, As it doesn't contain fans in it which blow makes the system cool while the system is heated.
  • It doesn't contain any miners in it, which results to download 3rd party miners which corrupts our system.
Mining platform

  • Stormin
  • Shamining
  • Slushpool
  • Ecos
  • CryptoTab Browser
  • Awesome Miner
  • Bitfly (Ethermine.org)
  • Cruxpool
  • HashCity
  • jointly
  • NiceHash
  • Easy BTC Mining
  • ZHash.pro
  • K1Pool
  • MinerGate
  • IceMining
  • ZSolo
  • SimpleMining
  • CudoMiner
  • BetterHash

 As in the above, we have given the list of some platforms which offer cryptocurrency in exchange for mining.


  • Digital generated money.
  • No investment required
  • Easy to generate money.
  • Profits are more
  • Anyone can start mining there is no need for an idea on mining.
  • Minimal Operational costs.
  • PC or Laptops will be heated or corrupted.
  • The cost of equipment for mining will be more expensive.
  • The person has to wait for more time to earn money, it is slow.
  • Power consumption is high.

In the upcoming articles, we make you do mining on a Laptop or PC.

Now-a -days there is a high demand for cryptocurrency in the world right now. there are many ways to gain cryptocurrency either by investing in crypto coins or else by doing the mining.

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