Most Powerful Version Control Tool and Open Source Community

Most Powerful Version Control Tool and Open Source Community

If you are Thinking about GIT Then you are right. Git is one of the Most Powerful Tools of version control and is used by almost every open-source technology, Let's see why Most technologies use GIT and why this technology is so influential.  And also About Github Which is One of the most used Open Source Web application

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Download Git from Download GIT

                The Entire topic cant is covered in a single article so the information will be divided into 3 articles. In the first article which is this, we shall be going through the need for Git, the difference between git and GitHub. In the second article, we shall be looking at how to make repositories in GitHub and how to contribute to the open-source community. In the next article, we shall see about the Most used Git Commands. Don't miss any of the articles all are required to get complete knowledge about Git and Github

                We will be learning about the useful git commands so it is recommended to download GIT from the Above given Link. Download and Install on your PC or laptop and follow the steps to complete the installation.

What is an Open Source Technology?

                Before learning about Git let's start with the usual question of why GIT was developed and where we use it. Most of you might know about what is open source technology and why the whole world is taken over by it. In a traditional way software or applications are developed by companies where the source will not be available to the common people or the people who use the applications. A common example can be Microsoft Windows. You need to buy the license key and all to access the applications or OS.  Now take the example of Linux, How many of you know that the Whole source Code of Linux is available in GitHub under the repository of Linus Torvalds.   

                The main motive behind open source technology is to make software/applications where people around the world can contribute to it. This has its own advantages and disadvantages, one major advantage can be the software will be updated on regular basics as so many people contribute to it. The major disadvantage can be maintaining the application which is being edited and modified by people around the world. It is not necessary that all open sources need to be free to use, some of them are not free, It is based on the Licence of the software, if the license doesn't allow you to use it free then you need to pay for it.

Getting Started with Github and GIT

                One point to note here is Github and Git are both different things and they differ a lot. Let's understand both technologies. Git is maintained by Linux whereas Github is maintained by Microsoft. Github is a web application where you can store your applications or software in the form of repositories. We can make repositories(repo) and store our application's code which others can edit and contribute to our applications. It offers and Functionality called source code management, which tells, and tracks the modifications made on the source code. Some of the basic Github Functionality are making are repo's contributing to the open-source community, pushing, committing, and making a pull request. If you don't know the terminologies we shall be looking in detail about each of them.

                That was About Github, But what is Git. Github is a web service whereas Git is software, which we can use to maintain the GitHub repos. It is mostly based on a Graphical user interface or GUI whereas GIT is based on the command-line interface or CLI. After Github was released soon it became really popular because of its features and gained popularity by many developers. Now Github is used by many companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Netflix, etc. Some of the Top Open Source technologies are.

  • Linux, Android, Chromium
  • Firefox, WordPress, Apache Web Server
  • LibreOffice, VLC media Player.
  • Python, PHP, Golang
  • Swift, Flutter, Elixer
  • Kubernetes, TensorFlow
  • Notepad++, Brave Browser(Chromium), Virtual Box
                Most of you might be known of some of the above Technologies and some might even get shocked by some software being open source, for example, the chromium-browser which was built by google chrome from which many of the browsers like brave are made is open source. Git is used to manipulating the Github repo's, this can be also done by GitHub GUI, but most of the companies recommended the CLI. Using Git we can create files, update and modify them, Make branches, etc. 

Is Github Code Available on Github?

After learning about Github some of you might have thought is Github itself is open-source?. Well, the answer is it's not. Github is not an open-source application but you can get some similar applications on the Official Github Page here Github/ But we need to know that Github is built on Ruby on Rails,  which is also an open-source framework used to make server-side web applications with ruby. Ruby on Rails uses the Ruby programming language.

So as of now, you might know the difference between Github and GIT. In the next article, let's see in detail about Github and The operations which we can do in it, We shall also making our first GitHub repository. We shall be also looking at some operations like Push, Pull, Commit, Branch, contributing to open source community Etc.

Stay Tuned for the Next Article

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