What's So Trendy About AI That Everyone Went Crazy Over It?

What's So Trendy About AI That Everyone Went Crazy Over It?

Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science which deals with building machines that can perform the task which can be done by human beings and also does which cannot be done by humans. Today we will be discussing Artificial Intelligence and its applications.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence in basic terms can be explained as giving knowledge to machines in various ways so that a machine can perform a given task. Basically, they imitate the actions of a human. The machines are capable of thinking and acting rationally. AI is widely used all over the world. AI has created many job opportunities for people. It is estimated that AI will generate 7.2 Million jobs around 2021-2030's.

History of AI and Few Notable Achievements

The word AI was coined by a computer scientist named John McCarthy at the Dartmouth Conference in the year 1956. John McCarthy is known as the father of Artificial Intelligence. In the year 1950, a computer scientist named Alan Turing has created a test that tests the ability to exhibit intelligent behavior equivalent to human intelligence, This test is known as Turing Test. In the year 1966, Researchers started trying to solve mathematical problems using algorithms, and a computer scientist named Joseph Weizenbaum has created a chatbot [An application of AI]. In the year 1972, The first-ever humanoid was created by Japan named WABOT-1. In the year 1997,  IBM's Deep Blue beats world chess champion, Gary Kasparov, and became the first computer to beat a world chess champion. In the year 2006, AI entered into business, companies like Facebook, Google, etc started using AI. In the year 2016, Google has launched google assistant which can help us in many ways using voice recognition.

Advantages of AI

1. High Accuracy

AI can do tasks with high accuracy and minimal errors. It is very helpful as it is better than humans when compared in terms of efficiency.

2. High Speed

AI is good in terms of decision making, It can decide the best possible way quickly than humans.

3.  Protection

AI can protect us from various malicious software that can affect our system and keep us safe from hackers.

4. Acts as an assistant

AI can act as an assistant and help us with our work which makes things efficient.

5. Spam Filters

AI can segregate emails that are useful and which are spam, this is very helpful as we can skip spam mails.

Disadvantages of AI

1. No Original Creativity

AI is programmed by humans to work efficiently but it can't think out of the box.

2. Not Cost-Effective

Hardware and Software components required for an AI machine are costly and require maintenance.

3. Dependency

People are becoming more and more dependent on AI and which is making them lazy which can affect their mental and physical fitness.

4. No Emotions

AI machines have no emotions or do not exhibit any emotions. This means that it can develop a bond with humans which might be more effective if they can gain emotions.

5. Unemployment

AI machines can replace jobs with repetitive tasks, this can affect many jobs. Many will suffer through unemployment.

Types of AI

1. Reactive Machines

These machines do not have any kind of memory, they perform specific tasks i.e they cannot use previous experience to make further predictions.
Example: Deep Blue, developed by IBM used as a chess program, this program has beaten chess champion, Garry Kasparov in 1997.

2. Limited Memory

These AI system has a limited amount of memory which can be used for prediction
with the help of previous experiences.
Example: Self-driving cars, These types of cars use previous experience for making better decisions.

3. Theory of Mind

This type of AI can predict human behavior and can infer the emotions of humans and do work according to it.
Example: Theory of Mind can be implemented in robots. it can also be used to communicate with animals.

4. Self-awareness

These type of AI machines can understand their state and their purpose of existence. They have consciousness.
Example: There is no live example for this type of AI.

Applications of AI

AI can be used in many sectors for various purposes, few are:


In this sector AI can be used various ways, we can use AI for detecting fertility of the soil, detecting yield of the crop, and many more.


Banks are using chatbots to providing awareness of the facilities provided by them to their users without any human intervention. Banks also use AI for better decision-making on loans, credit limits, etc.


AI is used in transportation for a better and efficient way of transporting goods and accessories. With the help of AI, we can predict flight delays and traffic delays we can make the shipment efficient.


AI can be used for security purposes too. We can lock and open a safe with the help of AI as AI provides facilities like face recognition and voice recognition and many other features. AI can also alert us if there is any occurrence of data breaches.


With the help of AI in the healthcare sector, we can do wonders as AI machines can diagnose the patient in a  faster and efficient manner when compared to humans. Other uses of AI are virtual assistants and chatbots, these help the patient on how they can do to prevent their difficulties and patients can even know the symptoms of a particular disease. An example of this is Ada.


We can grade and assess a student quickly and efficiently using AI. Teachers can also prepare question papers with the help of AI. AI tutors can provide additional support to students, ensuring they stay on track.


In the business sector, we can predict the loss or profit of a company using AI. Companies can also predict the product launched by them can survive the competition in the market by knowing about the customer needs and satisfaction. AI plays an important role in the business sector.

AI plays an important role in the development of our lives. Many people fear that AI would replace our jobs, repetitive jobs are the only ones replaced by AI which includes drivers, cleaners, maids, etc. AI also provides millions of jobs like data analysts, data scientists, big data specialists, AI and machine learning specialists, and many more.

AI is very essential for our betterment, there is nothing to be feared from it. AI can help us with escaping pandemics. With the help of AI, we can develop every existing sector to its best.

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