Never Underestimate The Influence Of Time Dilation.

Never Underestimate The Influence Of Time Dilation.

Time moves slower to the person who is moving than the stationary person. This means both the person may experience the same event at different times Strange, isn't it?

The general theory of relativity states that Time is not absolute but depends on the frame of reference from which it is been measured. Different people may record an event with different frames of reference and different velocities and all the recordings will not be the same.

The Time Dilation

The time Relativeness of Time dilation can be understood by the Twin paradox. Consider twins one staying on the earth and the other went for space exploration for 10 years. When the other twin return from space will he be the same age as his brother on earth?. First of all, we need to know the point why time is relative the reason behind is this the velocity and the acceleration of the body. Due to the difference in the velocities of the objects both might encounter events differently.  Einstein explained this phenomenon with a simple example. Consider you are seeing a train which is moving at some 60-80km/sec and at some time 2 lightning strikes somewhere near the train some distance apart from each other. You being stationary might see both the lightning strike the ground at the same time. But when ur in the train with some velocity might experience something different. You might see one lightning strike before the other this is because you are moving towards one and moving away from the other. So the question is why the same event occurs differently in 2 different perspectives this is because of time which depends on the frame of reference.

So back to your Twin Paradox What do you think about this experiment which of the sibling might experience more time than the other? If you have thought it's the sibling in the rocket then you guessed it right. So after 10 years when both brothers meet each other, both might have aged differently. The most popular example of this is the climax of the movie Interstellar. There are two scenes in the interstellar where we can see time dilation. This experiment is also proved by keeping to twin atomic clocks and sending one in a jet plane flying around sometimes and the other on the ground stationary and the time on both the clocks is different. 

Space-Time Curvature

There is also another prediction that time moves slower when the gravity is more. It doesn't actually mean gravity it refers to the space-time curvature. To understand this we need to know something about space and time and how they are related. Let's start this with a question what is space and what is its shape. Most of you might say it's shapeless or some might say it's linear. But it is actually curved. When there is mass there will be a force called gravity which pulls every other object in the universe towards itself. Due to gravity the space-time bends into curves and looks like a dent in the space. This prediction is also proved by an experiment where 2 coupled atomic clocks are kept at different locations one in the attic of a tall building and one in the basement and both have a time dilation the reading is smaller yet there is some difference.

The more mass it has the moss gravity it posses and the more it bends the space-time. So time passes slower where there is more gravity. The common example will be a Blackhole which is considered to be a time capsule of the universe no one knows about the particles which enter the black hole where they go what happens to them. The Field of Space-time and Astronomy is always filled with interesting facts and truths which are yet to be discovered. As we talked about interstellar But I didn't tell you about the scenes where actually time dilation occurs because both the scenes are related to space-time dilation. One is when the crew lands on the planet orbiting a Blackhole they will spend around 10-15mins on the planet and the other crew member on the shuttle experience a huge time difference of around 15-20 years. Another scene is when the lead enters the black hole and somehow survives from dying and enters another dimension where he can all the present past and the future.

Time Dilation and Time Traveling

Most of the people who are sci-fic lovers or physicists have one wish to travel in time during their lifetime. Hope this becomes possible. Scientists are trying and experimenting in this area and they are really close to the conclusion and it is also proved that time travel is not impossible. I think understanding the concept of time dilation in connection with quantum mechanics can achieve time traveling. There is also research on this field unifying quantum mechanics and general relativity hence finding the theory of everything. String theory is also another famous theory that involves considering the particles as the strings which vibrate and different frequencies.

I hope this research will be a success and we will experience time traveling in the next few decades. But what after time traveling. Will they be any effects of time traveling?

Should we Consider Time Traveling?

The answer to this question is "YES". If you have seen the series "Dark" where changing the time and traveling past in time caused a drastic effect on the timeline and affected the whole generations. There are so many paradoxes on time traveling the most popular one is the grandfather paradox which tells about the case where you travel back in time and kill your grandfather. Does this seem like a tricky question? If your grandfather dies in the past how can you even kill him in the future because you are his grandson?

There are so two ways to understand this the first case is where you kill your grandfather and the existence of your grandfather will be removed and hence your father will not be born and therefore there is no existence of you also. The end of existence of you also means that you have not created the time machine and dint went into the past to kill your grandfather and hence your father and you dint die this whole thing revolves like an endless loop. Another conclusion is that whatever you do there is some force in nature that prevents the changes to happen in the future due to the change in time Like in the movie "Avengers The Endgame". Where the heroes travel back in time and steal the infinity stones but bringing the stones into the present doesn't change the future. This can be understood in different ways where changing the past doesn't change the future. And another case is where Changing the past does change the future but causes a breach in the timeline which might create alternate timelines. Ahh, I am time-traveling, Grandfather paradox, Multiverse is all becoming Complex. So we should stop here for this topic and hope that we will get a chance to travel in time once in a lifetime.

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