WorldClass players are back?

WorldClass players are back?


MESUT OZIL scored his first goal in 18 months on the 15th of this month and celebrated passionately after breaking his duck.
The much-maligned former Arsenal winger got off the mark for the Turkish club against Adana Demirspor.

The 2014 world cup winner struggled a lot from starting of season 2020 and got so much negativity due to his poor form and injuries. he didn't get any gaming time at the arsenal, he stayed nearly half the season without playing spending on the bench, his wages were high, so they cant offload him, he was humiliated by fans more and the club was humiliated in a way that they are not playing the assist king, he came in media and said about this the situation, then he decided to go to a club where he gets more time to play and show his ability again, the fortune star moved to Fenerbahce in January transfer window with a large pay cut from the arsenal, at 2020/2021 he didn't show that much impact in Fenerbahce he played just 10 matches scoring one assist and he was gone through a ligament injury and sitted in the bench for the entire season.
In the pre-matches of  2021/2022 he shown great impact towards the ball and improved his skills and vision he scored 2 goals and 3 assists in pre-matches and was given much positivity in his game, the fans were impressed with his enthusiasm performance.
on 15/8/2022 the first season match against the Demirspor he played 90 minutes in the match and scored a match-winning goal for his team given a lead of 3 points.
by seeing him in that match we sawed the prime Ozil back with his vision and creative skill.


2.paul pogba

the french midfielders who were once known as the best midfielder in the world, when he came to manchester united with a record signing of 115millioneuros from Juventus, he lost his form he played 7 seasons scoring 34 goals and 37 assists, his poor form made him sit on the bench and all people called him lazy and trying to troll him over his gameplay, he was played some games in the national team as a substitute, fans started to come to stadiums showing his old photos where he was a best in form, the management tried so many ways to get him form but cant then they decide to sell him and kept him on summer window and given him the last chance.

In 2021/2022 he played 2 matches giving 5 assists that were just and incredible he showed to the fans and management he proved star is always a star and proves his worth to the team. we just hope pogba should be back to his world-class form. last season entire he scored 3 goals and 3 assists.

3.Julian Draxler

the german midfielder is known for his ability, speed and shot power at a very early he played for his national and made his team to win a WorldCup, the world cup winner got into light after winning world cup he was bought by the parish saint-Germain-FC from Wolfsburg by a record signing, he shown a great impact at the starting seasons, now recently from 2019/2020 he lost his form and even lost his place in the German team, he lost his place in the starting 11 in the PSG squad and played as a substitute, the club recently tried to sell him, get rid of this poor form.

at the start of this season, he scored 1 goal and assisted twice and shown that he is back at his prime. the club recently renewed his contract by his impressive form, lets hope he plays for his national team.

   4. Di Maria

the argentian footballer known for his creative passes played for real Madrid as a world-class winger he moved to manchester united by a record signing to the club. he didn't show much gameplay and skill in his two seasons, he showed very poor form in the 2 years, the club was just devasted by his performance and sold him for half of buying amount to PSG, he just improved his skill and proven wrong to Mourinho about his game, he showed the world he is still there to give his assists and passes to the world, he played for PSG 3 beautiful seasons at PSG, and went to the final of UEFA champions league, he recently won Copa America to his nation after 1988 by his efforts. he reached to top 6 assists surpassing muller at 7th and 6 assists behind Ozil. now recently he joined his national teammate Messi in his team. now he came into a very brilliant form this season by giving 3 assists and 2 goals.


bale the Welshman, he known for his style of goals, shot power. he started his career at tottenum spurs, his style of playing attracted realmadrid bought him for 115million euros in 2014 from spurs, he quietly played well in real Madrid for 6 seasons he won 3 UEFA champions league consequently for 3 years at 2018 he lacks his gameplay, he was mostly substituted for matches, he lost his fitness and form, he decided to move to Chinese clubs but due to his contract and manager advice he spent that total season at real Madrid in bench, he decided to show his skill and goals to the world that he is not old he moved to tottenum spurs, boyhood club to get back his form, at the start, he was unable to play but slowly he got his form like a rocket by smashing 11 goals from his 20 matches made clear his way back to Madrid and played his debut match in Madrid scored a goal.

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