Why does Refresh Rate Matter?

Why does Refresh Rate Matter?

Refresh Rate is the rate at which a display update to the latest pixels for changing the scene. Or in other words how fast the displays refresh.

What is Refresh Rate?

Most of You might scene sometimes while screen recording an old television in smartphone the recording might flicker. The reason behind this will be cleared in while. For this, we need to know how a video is being played. A video is played with the help of images that are moved such a fast that it looks as if it's a is video. This rate is usually known as frame per second. Each image is called a frame. so whenever the frame is changed all the pixels should be also changed. If u play a game at high FPS and do have a low refresh rate then it doesn't make much difference.

Let's consider A-frame as a drawing. And one painter is drawing 60 drawings per one second. This is can be also called 60FPS so your task is to display the drawings on the screen. But it should be fast because if you are not as fast as the painter then there will be a lot of latency. So for changing a drawing in a Display every pixel needs to be updated. For this it takes time. So the rate at which The pixels of the display update to the next frame is known as the refresh rate.

So as I asked about why the video flickers when we record a video of Television is because the rate at which the recording he been recorded and the rate at which the display operates is different. And the human eye can detect the change when the frames are changing so fast but the recording device operates at low FPS and can sometimes work as a slow-motion capture device. This is why we get a flicker in the video.

Why does it Matter?

If you are an Fps player Sometimes you might be in a situation where you thought you have pressed the trigger but you died before the bullet shoots the opponent or sometimes playing with a sniper and missing a shot even if u aimed properly. This can be due to refresh rate or maybe FPS issues also if you are facing FPS issues go through this article FPS. So when the refresh rate is lower the rendering time of your display a decreases, in this case, the enemy is in front of you but you don't see him because your display is still rendering. 

There are different displays from refresh rate up to even 240Hz by the way. Hertz is the unit to measure the refresh rate. So a good display for gaming can have a refresh rate around 120hz or 144hz. Normal displays have a refresh rate of 60Hz. You can see a drastic change while moving from 60 to 120Hz.
The display will work so smoothly. And the gaming experience will work so good.

So if you are a so-called Gamer and play high-end FPS games like CSGO or VALORANT Then you must have a display with at least 120Hz. And if you are A gamer who plays for fun then it's good with 60Hz. Because after all our setup and equipment don't matter. What matters is our skill.

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