What is Discord

What is Discord

 Discord is one of the best platforms for communication, Today we'll be talking about Discord and its Features, How to download, Epic Games Free Discord Nitro.


  • Discord is a VoIP it enables the user to communicate via the voice channel. 
  • Although Discord services seem directed towards only gamers, in recent years, it has brought several new updates, making it more useful for the general population.
  • Users can communicate with each other using text channels, voice channels, etc which are present in a discord server, For the people wondering what a server means a server can be called a group.
  • If you are a gamer then you must check out discord, it provides rich content for gamers like discord let your friends join your party if you are playing, You can see the picture related to it below.

  • And more we'll be talking about in the Features section.


  • Discord provides various bots which help play music, for quizzes, and for many others uses.
  • Discord provides Developers an opportunity to create bots and people can use these bots on their server.
  • Discord also provides users to share their screen when in the voice channel,  this feature is very much helpful in many ways like you are stuck while coding you share your screen and your friends can help or you can flex your gaming skills to your friends while sharing your screen or the best thing is that you can watch many web series or football matches if your friend has subscriptions to apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime and etc.
  • Discord lets its users show user's in-game activity or game activity which is shown in the  image below 

                                          The above picture shows the current game the user is playing 

  • Discord also lets user show their current music playing [Only applicable to Spotify] and it also lets users join another user's music session in Spotify [Only applicable to Spotify premium users]

 The above picture shows the current song the user is playing 

Different Subscriptions

  • Discord provides Two different subscriptions apart from the standard version.
  • They are Discord Nitro and Discord Nitro Classic.
  • Discord Nitro Classic provides features like:- 1) Uploading animated pics or GIF as your profile pic 2)You can customize your display tags which a standard version user cant change 3)You can use emojis of any server in any server[which normally is not possible for standard users] 4) You can share your screen with high quality 5) You will also be getting a badge for purchasing this package.
  • Discord Nitro Classic costs 4.99/month or 49.99/year.
  • Now let's talk about Discord Nitro, In Discord  Nitro  Subscription you get all the Discord Nitro Classic features plus 1) You can upload a file of size 100MB 2) You can boost a server two times [We'll be talking about it in the Server boosting section] 3) You can join up to 100-200 servers.
  • Discord  Nitro costs 9.99/month or 99.9/year

Server Boosting

  • If your server is boosted, the members of the server can keep an animated pic of the server and its other features.
  • Server boosting is categorized into 3 levels.
  • level 1 requires 2 boosts, level 2 requires 15 boosts, level 3 requires 30 boosts.
  • If your server is  boosted to level 1, You get the following features for the server

  • If your server is  boosted to level 2, You get the following features for the server

  • If your server is  boosted to level 3, You get the following features for the server

How to download discord

  • Mobile users can download discord from google play store [android user], app store[apple users]
  • PC or laptop users can download from the following link

Discord Tips 

  • For mobile users beginner's guide
  • For PC or laptop users beginner's guide

Epic Games Nitro Subscription

  • For the people who are willing to shift to Discord Nitro, there is good news Epic Games has provided a chance for people to shift to Discord Nitro for free.
  • All you have to do is go to Epic Games Store and claim Discord Nitro

                                                    Just click on free now to claim it

  • Then you will be getting a mail yours to the mail which you have linked to Epic Games.
  • If you have a Paypal account or a card just fill in the details and then the Nitro is yours for 3 months.
  • Hope you'll be claiming it fast as it is only available till June 24th.

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