Where are the Aliens | Are we all Alone?

Where are the Aliens | Are we all Alone?

Fermi Paradox talks about why we are not able to detect aliens or any other big civilization Even if the age of the universe is 13.8 Billion years.

What is Fermi Paradox?

Most of you might have thought why are humans are all alone in this vastly big universe. Why are there no aliens or any civilization with intelligence beyond the human mind? This is what the fermi paradox talks about. It says there are huge numbers of galaxies which very huge number of solar systems. To understand how big is the universe we can take a scale. Let's take the scale as one sand granule equal to one galaxy in the universe. So if we count all the sand granules one for each galaxy then we are out of sand granules in the earth but the count of galaxies is way larger. This means the no of galaxies in the universe is larger than the no of sand granules on the entire Earth

This paradox was developed by Italian Physicist Enrico Fermi. It tells about the Lack of evidence of any extra-terrestrial civilization even if the calculation made tells that there might be many aliens out there.
The first life on earth was around 3.7 billion years ago where it started with small microorganisms and then developed into complex multi-cellular species like dinosaurs and monkeys and then on into this intelligent species like Humans or Homo-Sapiens.

What Might Be the reason?

The might be many reasons for the destruction of an entire civilization. Meteor Strike, Super-Nova Explosion, Running out of fuel like for as our fuel is oxygen situations like global warming and ozone layer depletion can cause the end of oxygen on earth, Getting destroyed by their own planetary Start or even the worse case might be getting Sucked by Black Hole and other deadly objects.

Some of them say We are lucky that During the last 3.7 billion there are no big destructions like the above mentioned. But We know about a case where the entire dinosaur species are Getting extinct.
But Our civilization dint gets extinct. But there can be chances where the aliens may get died. But what is the chance that every Civilization got extinct and only we humans can make out from this situation? 

Or there might be a thing that is not allowing any other civilization to pass through the barrier after getting some threshold of intelligence. Or there might be an actual civilization way more advancethann we imagined that it has control over the entire universe and it monitors Every action happening in the universe. And preventing things to happen or other civilizations to surpass their strength.
The worst came might be we are in a Simulation. Read about this Simulation theory in this article here IS This A Simulation.

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