Mac-OS Sonoma Unleashed: Discover the Exciting Features at WWDC 2023!  - by Mayhemcode

Mac-OS Sonoma Unleashed: Discover the Exciting Features at WWDC 2023!  - by Mayhemcode

Apple's New Mac-OS was introduced in WWDC 2023, which brings tons of features to the table in different aspects. Let's see it in detail about them.

The highly anticipated Apple WWDC 2023 occurred on June 5th, when the renowned World Wide Developer Conference was held. This annual event serves as a platform for Apple to unveil their latest products and software offerings. This year's conference was filled with a wealth of information, including exciting updates on various products and the introduction of new offerings like "Apple Pro-vision." However, for the purpose of this article, our primary focus will be directed towards the newly released MacOS Sonoma.

New Mac OS Sonoma: - 

The Previous version of Mac OS is Ventura which was released last year and was announced around the same date as Sonoma. But there are a lot of new features and extensions which are added to the new OS. Apple also promises to bring some iPad and iPhone features to Mac-os. Apart from this the less concerned things like Gaming, Wallpapers which are getting a lot of attention are also focused and got a lot of new updates let's look into each of them.

Live wallpapers On MAC?

If you are familiar with Wallpaper Engine, you may already be aware of the concept of live wallpapers. These dynamic wallpapers, which give the illusion of movement within a scene, are also available on mobile devices. Now, Mac OS has introduced this feature, allowing users to set captivating live wallpapers depicting various scenes such as skyscrapers, rivers, mountains, and more.

Moreover, these live wallpapers can be applied not only to the desktop background but also to the lock screen. The seamless transition between scenes when logging in to the Mac creates a visually smooth and immersive experience.

New Widgets?

If you are familiar with Mac OS, you may already be acquainted with how widgets function. Typically, they are accessible by swiping from the right side of the touchpad or by clicking on the Menubar. However, a recent development allows for widgets to be placed directly on the desktop. This means that various widgets such as photos, shortcuts, weather, stocks, and more can be customized and conveniently accessed right from the desktop interface.

As depicted in the above image, when you open applications, the widgets seamlessly blend into the background, ensuring that your focus remains undisturbed. Additionally, the widgets automatically adapt their colour scheme to match the wallpaper you have set, creating a cohesive visual experience. All available widgets can be easily accessed from the Widgets gallery.

Furthermore, if you have widgets on your iPhone, you can seamlessly utilize them on your Mac without any additional installations. This can be achieved by connecting both devices to the same Wi-Fi network or via Bluetooth. Moreover, certain widgets designed to control devices, such as air conditioners or cars, can also be utilized on the Mac. This means that you can even operate your car's air conditioning system directly from your Mac interface.

Is gaming on MAC Possible Now?

With the introduction of a newer version of Metal, Apple's Shader API for rendering 3D models, Mac users now can enjoy high-quality, even AAA-rated games on their devices. In the past, one of the reasons some people hesitated to purchase a Mac was the perceived limitation when it came to gaming. However, this situation is gradually changing, offering a promising outlook for the future.

Furthermore, Mac users can now connect their Xbox and PlayStation consoles to their Macs, providing them with the advantage of low latency and an enhanced gaming experience. Popular games such as Stray, Resident Evil Village, and No Man's Sky can now be played on Macs. To further expand the library of matches compatible with Mac, Metal 3 includes a Game Porting Toolkit, enabling developers to assess and adapt games for the Mac OS platform.

Exciting news for Mac gamers continues as it has been announced that a renowned AAA-rated game developed by Kojima Productions, none other than Death Stranding Director's Cut, will be coming to Mac. This highly acclaimed game delivers an immersive experience comparable to playing it on a PlayStation or a Windows PC. Moreover, plans are underway to bring more game projects to the Mac OS platform, expanding the gaming opportunities for Mac users in the future.

Video Conferencing Enhancements

In response to the common concern of video presence during video conferences, the new Mac-OS Sonoma introduces a revolutionary feature known as "Presenter Overlay," offering a myriad of enhancements and capabilities.

The Presenter Overlay feature ensures that your presence is never lost or overshadowed. By intelligently separating your body from the video frame, it overlays your image seamlessly onto the presentation, creating an immersive and engaging experience that closely resembles an in-person presentation. This innovative approach enhances the overall quality and impact of your virtual presence.

Furthermore, Sonoma takes video conferencing to new heights by introducing more realistic reactions, imbuing the experience with a cinematic feel rather than an artificial one. These lifelike reactions can even be triggered by gestures, such as hand signs, adding an extra layer of authenticity to your video interactions.

Does Safari get new updates too?

We know how powerful Safari is on a Mac, it can render websites at breakneck speeds using its webkit. Also, it protects your privacy and removes trackers from the websites which can give your sensitive information to the website, and with Sonoma it takes even the next step on privacy.

Password Sharing in Safari

Safari's latest update introduces a new feature that allows users to securely add and share passwords with a select group of individuals. This feature ensures that the passwords are protected through end-to-end encryption, alleviating concerns about potential password theft or unauthorized access. By leveraging this functionality, users can confidently collaborate and share sensitive login credentials with peace of mind.

To accommodate various account types such as work, personal, and home, Safari introduces a convenient feature called Profiles. This feature eliminates the hassle of repeatedly logging in and out of different accounts within a single browser. With Profiles, users can effortlessly switch between their various accounts, enabling a seamless and efficient browsing experience.

What are Web Apps?

Frequent visits to websites can be time-consuming, especially when you have to search for them in Safari and go through the login process repeatedly. However, Safari introduces a new feature called Web Apps that addresses this issue. Web Apps allow you to transform any website into an app-like software experience. You can create a web app for almost any website and keep it conveniently in your dock for easy access. Additionally, you can receive notifications from these web apps, enhancing your overall browsing experience. 

The best part is that developers don't have to worry about the appearance and functionality of the web app, as Safari automatically handles these aspects. This feature streamlines the process of accessing your favourite websites and provides a more integrated and efficient user experience.

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