Working of Internet Behind the Scenes Unraveled

Working of Internet Behind the Scenes Unraveled

How does the internet send responses to the user or clients, By reading this article you will understand clearly how the internet actually works

What Is Internet?

                Internet is the network of networks, where billions of people use the internet for their purposes. Many use it for gathering information, learning, and playing games. Internet is what connects the users to others via some connection established directly or indirectly. Google, Facebook, Social media all these platforms are nothing but the internet that connects one device to another, not only connects devices but also allows data transfer over them. So there should be some process in which all these actions take place.

                Though there are many protocols as we talked about in this article What is OSI Reference Model. But there should be some internal actions for which all protocols are developed for which we need to protect the data from outsiders. There are different technologies involved in this area. Servers, Backend, Front-end, Events, Triggers, Gateways, many things each of them have their own specific task which complements the task of other. A malfunction in one of the systems can cause issues. So there are the things for which the OSI model Was developed. Let's see about Each component in detail.

Let's start with server, First of all, what is a server?

                The server is the root that provides facilities to the clients, Server is a computer software/ hardware which mainly stores the data, processes it, and sends the data as requested. Everyone is connected via the internet, all the users from all over the world are connected via the internet. The server is also connected to the internet, according to the request of the client the server acts. This type of model is called client-server architecture.
Web Server is the server that stores the web pages, processes them, and handles to send the web pages as the request is desired.

                The communication on the internet is done by handling requests, i.e. if the user needs to open a web page then a request is sent to the server, then the server finds the web page which is to be sent and it sends the web page to the client machine, to be more precise this entire process will be started by events

What is an event??

                Using programming languages like java - awt, swings packages, in python- Tkinter library and design language HTML, we have components/ objects, in those objects the communication is established by events. Event Listeners are added to the handle events. Whenever some change has occurred or some button is pressed then an event is generated and some built-in methods/ functions are called (those functions are present in the event listener objects). In those methods, we call another web page, or new interface, or some other facility as required.

How is the system built??

                At first, the developer build's the User Interface of the web page i.e. front-end part (designing of UI), then the backend of the application is built, i.e. how the page should work how the communication with other clients or the server is to be taken place is handled here, in backed development only than the website is connected to the database where the data from the website is stored, we can access the data as desired for better use or validations. Then that website is hosted on a server, some organized hardware to store, retrieve and process the data.

                Some developers who are learning this for the 1st time might find it difficult to bringing some hardware and storing and organizing data all over by themself. So,  there are some free platforms server's where we can deploy our website so that it will be available 24/7 all over the year. We can host our website on those servers.

Building Frontend

                To develop some applications we need to 1st design the front-end UI of the application, The front end can be designed using HTML, CSS, and javascript.HTML is used for adding components to the web page. CSS is used to design the web page for an attractive look and JavaScript is used for client-side validations. Building the front-end of the website requires a good understanding of the DOM structure and good creatives skills.

                There are some frameworks available using which we can design easily, Bootstrap is a CSS framework that consists of some classes, id names with some features, we can directly use it. Here some care needs to be taken as the no of devices in the world has grown tremendously, not only for one device we have to make a website for devices which are of different widths and heights. The technical name of this term is "Making the Website Responsive". We should make sites that are compatible with every device and can automatically adjust their sizes according to the device.

                React and Angular are js libraries that are used to develop the front-end part of the web page. The above-given technologies are mostly used to develop the web pages, there are still more technologies that we can use to develop the front-end UI of the webpage. There are also tools by which we can design the Prototype of the front-end and make required changes and then actually start building the website, the most used tool of this kind is FIGMA.

Building Backend

                Backend is nothing but the connection of the website to the server, database. Here in Backend, the connectivity of webpages is defined. The functioning of the website is built here, the data received a form from submission or any surveys or some blog pages data is all stored in a database. But how??, XML is used to store data temporarily and to transfer it. The data is sent in XML format, then added to the database/server as the developer wants. Skills needed to be a Backend developer are Database and Cache memory handling, Server handling, Server-side scripting, Web development languages, and using API.

                Mainly used APIs are REST(Representational State Transfer) and SOAP(Simple Object Access Protocol), the main use of API is communication between devices.

                REST API is an architectural pattern and uses HTML, XML, JSON, URL whereas SOAP is a protocol and largely uses HTML and XML only. Most of them use Django to develop REST APIs. There are also some frameworks that are known as Full-stack frameworks, which means both front-end and backend can be done by it. The most popular example of these types of frameworks are Django and React.

                When all the above things are bought together, it is now a dynamic web application is designed and works, i.e. by building frontend UI then backend connectivity to database and server management, handling communication by APIs. 

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