Here's What No One Tells You About Computer Virus.

Here's What No One Tells You About Computer Virus.

The Computer virus is a special type of code that can replicate and spread across the system and alter the functioning of the system and can also cause System Failures. It can sometimes also cause personal informational exploitation.

Computer Virus is just like a natural virus such as Covid-19 which spreads from one System to another rather than humans to human. As a natural virus causes issues in the human body, a computer virus replicates and causes system errors and crashes.

What Is A Computer Virus?

                Computer programs are written in codes in some languages. So computer viruses are kind of an altered kind of code also known as Malicious code which Affects the procedure or how a system works. For example, let's consider the human virus example how a virus affects the functioning of the human body causing abnormalities and sometimes causing death also. Death in a computer means the loss of control of the system or the state where the system cannot be recovered from the virus. There can be different types of viruses based upon the way they work or the part or sector they affect the most. Let's see some of the Virus Types.


                The worm is not a computer virus But it's like a different code that can cause a virus. A worm is a special kind of code that can make copies of itself into multiple forms. Even if the root data is deleted it can still replicate. Worms are silent and don't make much interference in the working of the system up to certain until they take over the system But it affects the host from inside unknowingly.


                Spyware is more like software than viruses which can be installed on ur system with or without your permission and collects information about the system. Spyware can be really dangerous if it is one confidential system or host where the information about so many employees or other details are stored for example if spyware is monitoring activity on your system and if you are doing some online transaction with your credit or debit. It might capture all the card information, Bank details, and even password and CVV.

Trojan Horses

                This virus has got this name becomes in olden time when someone wants to attack secretly why used to send wooden horses in which some soldiers are hiding, They come out of the horse and attack the king or someone at the right moment. So a Trojan horse is a computer virus that comes along with some other software, we might think this is legitimate software but sometimes there are also some additional files downloaded with it which we don't see. They are good at hiding themselves in files which doesn't seem harmful and trick you to download them they are also hard to detect unless after careful observation.

Boot Sector Virus:

                A Boot Sector virus is a code that affects the memory of the system mainly the MBR or master boot record. When the disc is loaded it might causes errors in the system and cause crashes. Boost sector virus caused a lot of damage to the old operating system. It is a little lower-level virus and doesn't cause much damage to the present system as today's technology has improved the memory management of the hardware. A Boot sector virus can be removed from a computer after deleting or formating the affected disc.

Polymorphic Virus:

                Polymorphic is a mutated virus that can change its code according to the host of the system. Basically, the virus encrypts itself with some random algorithm that is generated by it and becomes invisible for the host to detect, and even if the host was able to detect the virus it again mutates and rewrites itself. Even if your computer has good Anti-virus software it will be difficult to detect the virus the code and virus change infrequent periods and the virus cant detect its presence.

WebScripting Virus:

                This type of virus is mainly caused by the infected webpage that steals personal information like cookies and saved passwords. Sometimes this virus can take over the browser and even send spam messages and emails to others via email. Social engineering is also a popular use of Web scripting attack where you are tricked into a false page and it asks you to enter your credentials. It can also redirect to other malicious websites or pages which can infect the system more.

How can a Computer Virus Affect You?

                Even though the First Computer virus was not created intentionally but today as the technologies advances developers are making new kinds of viruses. Every above type of virus is getting updated and coming with new improvements which is nothing but more chance of stealing your data. Viruses can affect the working of the system in many ways. From data corruption to complete loss of data. System crashes to slow down issues. Some of the common issues are
  • Corruption of data 
  • Data Loss
  • System Crashes and Errors
  • Stealing Personal Information and Credentials
  • System Working Abnormally
  • Performance and Speed issues of the System.
  • Sometimes leads to Format of data and Loss of complete Data
  • CPU Clocks are used on Unnecessary processes.
  • Pop-ups and Applications opening without your Intervention.

How to Be Safe From Computer Virus?

                The Best Way to be Safe from getting attacked by a Computer Virus is not to trust anyone. Having a computer virus doesn't mean you are safe from Virus it only gives an extra layer of protection to the system, But the responsibility lies in our hands to keep our devices safe from intruders. In the 21st century, the most useful thing in the world is INFORMATION. Every hacker or intruder tries to get our personal information first. Protecting the devices from viruses is the first step to stop them. 

                As I told Don't Trust anyone but on which basis you should trust someone. For example, if you searching for a website to buy household items and somehow you are tricked into a Fake website then you should have the knowledge to find the difference between the original website this can be found by looking into the website URL which cannot be replicated in any case, And if you want to download something don't do it from unprofessional ways or website. Check the devices which are connected to the system like pen drives, memory cards flash drives, CD ROM, etc.

Some of the Basic methods to be Safe from Computer viruses are
  • Always Keep the system or device updated to the Current Versions
  • Install a Good Antivirus Software
  • In case of Data Loss so always keep a backup of your data.
  • Do not install software and files from unknown websites and users.
  • Run the Antivirus Scans once a month or week
  • Use proper Firewalls and Adblocks while using the Internet
  • Keep passwords to the folders and encrypt them and also use strong passwords

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