What is the End of Everything ?

What is the End of Everything ?

Everything which has started should end, So what about the universe which is the start of everything, what can be the future of the universe. What is the Fate of the Universe?

Most of you might have thought about the universe and what is the start of everything, how the universe was created but did you ever think about how can the universe end?. We exactly don't know what is the start of everything but we can at least estimate the future from seeing the state of the universe. But before seeing the future let's look into the present state of it and the past.

What's the State of the Universe now?

As we all know The Big Bang is the start of everything from which everything in the visible universe was created But it seems like the whole matter in the universe is created from nothing which is a violation of the law "Matter cannot be Created nor Destroyed" But where do all matter and energy come from? we literally have no idea. Scientists at CERN are looking into the Cosmic Micro Wave Background which is the left-out energy during the big bang. And also many experiments and research in the Large Hadron Collider colliding 2 particles which are almost equal to the speed of light may create the state which is almost equal to the Big Bang. But why are we behind finding the start? what information can it provide to us?

If you have studied Thermodynamics you might know a law which states "The present state of the system depends on the previous state". So we need to know the past to know about our future and we are on a verge of knowing the biggest secret of the universe. After the universe was created it is constantly expanding in all directions means space is increasing. In other words, the universe some 10 million years back is smaller than the present universe. Sounds creepy though like where is the space getting created from what is on the other side of the universe. The rate at which the universe is known as the Hubble constant. It states that " Everything in the universe is moving away from others at a rate proportional to their distance ". It was first calculated by astronomer Edwin Hubble in the 1920s. Later a satellite named Hubble was also launched into space in honor of him. And this space telescope is considered to be one of the best human-created devices or so-called space telescope. But what if all this is just a part of the game we are just controlled in some big simulation? More info about the simulation theory is here  Is this A Simulation?

What Made Edwin Hubble Think about Space Expansion?

Hubble Calculated the Emission or the energy emitted by the heavenly bodies in the universe and observed that there is a shift in their emissions. This shift in the wavelength can be understood by the Doppler Effect or Dopper Shift which was also used to study the Theory of Relativity.

Theory of Relativity states that Every object in the universe and how you see the object depends on the frame of reference Einstein explained this phenomenon with a simple example imagine you are in a moving train and throw a ball from the window where can the ball land. Probably behind the train now throw a ball inside the ball near your foot where can it fall? in front of your foot or back of your foot?  The ball will fall straight on your leg why? the reason behind this is the ball and you are in the same train and both have the same velocity as the train so actually throwing a ball while standing still, simple things can be confusing sometimes when you look closely into them. Another example is while you are walking on a road if a vehicle is coming towards you while blowing its horn as the vehicle approaches you the pitch of the horn increases and the moment where you are closest to the vehicle it will be maximum so if the horn has a frequency of 100hz but it might look like 140 or even 150hz but when the vehicle moves away from you the frequency decreases even smaller than 100Hz.

Hubble observed the same effect in the universe which is called a RedShift. When an object is moving away from you the wavelength decrease and comes to the red region of the Electromagnetic Spectrum. There is also a Blueshift which is the opposite of Red Shift it happens when an object comes closer to you and causes an increase in the wavelength and moves to the higher energy part of the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum which is blue. Hubble observed the light coming far behind heavenly objects was red-shifted and which is directly proportional to the distance between us and the object. Hubble constant can be used in many ways we can find the distance between any two distinct galaxies knowing their speed. So due as the universe is expanding there can be 2 ways in which the universe can end

The Big Freeze 

The Big Freeze is the phase where everything in the universe will never stop moving away from each other. This means the Entropy of the universe is increasing eventually there can be no more increase in it and reaches its maximum value. Where the energy is distributed across the universe and no more energy can be used or created. Every object in the universe will be far from every other object. It is a Cold Silent Death of the Universe. As there is no Energy in the universe there will be no motion and all the Stars will cease to exist. As there is no Supply of Energy there is no chance for the formation of new stars. Life ceases to exist. This is might likely occur in the future. But we don't know how much time does it take to reach that stage. At the end of the expansion, the Temperature in the universe can reach absolute zero(0k or -273°C). 

As the stars run out of fuel they eventually lose their energy and stop emitting light. There will be no light source in the universe. The whole universe will become dark the only things left in the universe are black and white dwarfs. But eventually, black holes also come to their end due to continuous emission of radiation or "Hawking Radiation".

The Big Crunch 

The Big Crunch is the Opposite of the Big freeze as the universe is expanding there can be a case where there is no more space to expand and instead of expanding the universe starts collapsing and contracts. How Everything was created from the Big Bang will again return to the same state. Every matter will contract until the whole visible universe will collapse to a single point of singularity the same singularity from which the universe was created.

Note: The nearest galaxy to the Milky Way galaxy which is Andromeda will collide with the Milky Way galaxy in the next 4.5 Billion years and this is confirmed

Every heavenly body comes closer to each other and collides. Everywhere there is chaos there is no chance of life at this rate. Everything will tear apart and again will be broken into elementary particles.
There is also thought that there is an infinite universe of their own galaxies and subsystem. and the death of one universe can be a cause of the birth of another universe. consider this like the big bang from which everything was created is due to the Big Crunch of the previous universe and the big Crunch of our universe can be a cause for creating a new universe. But the question " How was everything created ?" still remains unanswered. 
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