23 Popular Myth Which is Believed to be True | A World Full of Myths

23 Popular Myth Which is Believed to be True | A World Full of Myths

Myths and Misconceptions are the things that make us believe something which is not true and hides us from the real facts. Let's see about some Famous myths

Myth is Everywhere in every Field from computer science to Technology, From Science to Space Exploration. It depends on us to differentiate between what are facts and what are misconceptions and not spreading information without knowing a whole about the topic. The major reason for the spreading of myths is the lack of knowledge of the people who come to conclusions without knowing the reasons.

Let's see about some popular myths and misconceptions in various fields.

1. More Ram will Have Better Performance

Most People think Having More Memory or More cores means a better performance But it's actually a misconception. The performance of the Computer depends on Various factors. A good example can be if you have 8GB ram and 16GB and if don't have a proper compatible motherboard then the total memory will be 8GB that too with many systems crashes and issues because your pc can't handle that much memory. More Cores also doesn't mean pc works smoothly.

2. Killing Background Apps will Increase Speed 

While we are playing a game on PC or mobile we might have cleared the background for more performance. Everyone has done this one or more times in their life But sometimes it actually may decrease the efficiency How? let's see. Suppose Some process is running in the background and you closed it in the middle of its process which may cause errors and even progress loss and the process needs to run again from the first step. This is a clear example of how CPU cycles are being wasted.

3. We Don't Need Anti-Virus

We think the All-Mighty Windows Defender might save them from all the virus and web attacks or the so-called Free Virus may save them from malware. But neither of them actually does anything in a time of attacks. Windows Defenders may recognize viruses and worms in your file system but it's very easy for a hacker to manipulate files and extensions to hide from them. Even when windows Defender finds the Virus it will be too late to recover from it. 

4. Bluetooth and Wifi will cost more battery

Sometimes when we use a laptop we might have switched off Bluetooth and Wifi to optimize the battery usage and we think that now the battery life is more. Actually, this is also a misconception. nowadays the features of a laptop and pc are optimized according to battery usage. Why do people think that developers cant optimize Bluetooth and wifi if they can make good laptops doesn't it seems crazy?.

5. Anti-Virus gives us 100% protection from attacks and Malware

As we Read Above we should have Good Anti-virus to save and protect our device. But having a good Anti-virus can save us from hackers?. well the answer to this question is No. Every day new vulnerabilities are found out, new ways for exploiting and manipulating Anti-Virus software are made. It's Literally very hard to make a device 100% hack Proof. we can just make it to some extent.

6. More the File size More the quality of Audio/Video

When we are downloading a file from the internet or taking pictures we often think if the file size is more than the picture or audio quality may be good. But sometimes you might notice some low-quality files may give you high-quality audio and video. so it always doest mean to see about the file size there are various other factors also on which the quality of the video depends

7. Incognito Gives us privacy

If we need privacy and surf anonymously the internet we think the best way is to use incognito. But it's not true you need to know it doesn't provide you privacy. It just hides your data from the phone. For example, let's see how an internet request works. First, the person who wants data or in other words "you" searches a site in incognito then the request will be sent to your ISP then to the appropriate IP address. The ISP as all the history of your data we can hide anything from them they know everything about our device usage.

8. Slow Computer means malware and virus

People think if their pc is running slow and often crashes its due to some malware or virus but this is only one case of the reason there might be many reasons for this another important reason may be due to un-updated drivers on the device

9. Hackers use Tools to hack people

If you're a hacker you will use tools. This is actually rubbish Tools only tell you how an attack can be performed Moreover most of the expert level hackers use personal exploits instead of tools. most even use social engineering to attack a device. 

10. Complex Password or Password Manager gives you more Protection

Hacking of Passwords may be slowed to some extent using complex passwords but it's not 100% hackproof. Even hackers can know your password by social engineering. And Password manager is considered to be more vulnerable. In 2009 RockYou had a data breach that caused the exposure of millions of passwords of its user. The wordlist is uploaded to the internet. And this password file is still used by hackers to brute forces users.

11. The five Second Rule

When we drop something on the ground and if we pick it up in less than 5 seconds it is considered to be safe and uncontaminated by any bacteria this is known as the 5 Second Rule. This is also a misconception Bacteria and other micro-organisms travel faster even the food may be contaminated in milliseconds.

12. We Experience Gravity as same in all places

Gravity is very uneven. Various places on earth experience various gravity values. A popular example of this is the Bermuda triangle where the major reason for missing ships is due to the gravitational anomalies in that place. Not only on earth we can see gravitational anomalies in space also. And most people also have a misconception that in space there is not gravity But gravity works there also.

13. Water Conducts Electricity

Any liquid will conduct electricity if there are salts and minerals in It by which electrons can flow. people think water conducts electricity but it's only true for unpure water which has so many salts and impurities dissolved in it which decomposes into ions and conducts electricity. Where pure water doesn't conduct electricity.

14. We got Summer Because in the Time Earth is Closet to Sun

Earth is not straight it is tilted somewhat onto its axis the reason behind getting summer on one side and winter on the other side is due to this reason. The tilted part which is close to the sun experiences summer and another region's winter.

15. Sun is a giant Ball Of Fire

Sun is a Ball of Fire but its Ball of Plasma is another state of matter. This can be proved, Fire needs oxygen to burn but in space, there is no oxygen how the heck can the sun can be a ball of fire. It's just superheated air that is converted into plasma and molten lava.

16. The Big Bang is the Birth of the Universe

You should know this There is no actual proof that the universe is born from the universe it's just a hypothetical assumption which we think that the universe is born. It was derived from the Hubble constant and how the universe was expanding so scientists thought that at a time "where time started" all the matter exist in a singularity. Visit here at End of Everything to know more about Hubble Constant.

17. Time travel isn't Possible

Most futurists wish to experience time travel once in their life like the movies Avengers Endgame to change their past and correct the mistakes which they did. Some also think it's only possible in movies and in imagination. But scientists are working to prove time traveling using String theory and Special relativity and they say time travel isn't impossible but we just don't know how to achieve it.

18. There are only 3 States of Matter

There are more than 3 states of matter for example plasma is the 4th state of matter which is nothing but fire. Fire is not solid, not liquid, not air it's plasma. Plasma can be produced when we supercharge compressed air. Bohr-Einstein condensed state is another state of matter which is the matter at absolute zero temperature.

19. BlockChain mining is Legal

Blockchain is considered to be illegal in most countries and most of them even banned using cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency mining. The main reason behind this is they think the usage of decentralized currency may lead to a financial crisis in the future and all the employees of banks, insurance, and all money-related sectors will be closed and they will lose their jobs. In Iraq, Vietname Cryptocurrency mining is a banned and punishable offense.

20. If you are in Space you Can hear Explosions

Sound needs some medium to travel it may be liquid, solid, or air. But sound can't travel in space because space is just a vacuum. so sound can't travel in space in other words we can't hear anything in space it's just silent and horrifying.

21. Dropping a coin from a tall building can cause the death of the person it hits

If you drop a coin from the empire state building onto a person, the person might probably die. It's also a misconception. When some object is dropped from high above it goes down due to gravity and reaches a max of 9.8 m/s which is equal to the gravity of the earth. But after reaching it the body starts free-falling and you might be surprised to be known the after a body starts free-falling the speed decrease due to various factors like wind speed upward tension etc. So throwing a coin will not kill a man. 

22. There are Different Types of Learners.

Teachers and Lecturers think that there are different types of learners like Visual learners, Audio learners, Practical Learners, etc. But there is actually no relation between memorizing things and different types of learners the only way it depends is that the approach you take to memorize a thing. 

23. Slowest Planet in the Solar system is Neptune

Venus is the slowest planet in the solar system and moreover, it spins in the opposite direction from the rest of the planets one spin takes around 243 earth days But a year on Venus is only 225 days. The reason behind this is in the time when planets were newly made due to collision which other planets and metros the orbit of Venus is changed

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