Should We OverClock?

Should We OverClock?

Overlocking Is done for increasing the clock speed of the devices to get more performance and better throughput. Mostly we can overclock CPU, GPU, and even RAM nowadays. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of doing so? Should we really care about overclocking? Is it worth it?


Whenever a buy a CPU or GPU we can see some specifications like clock speed clock rate etc. But these are the base or standard specifications which the device can take without any damage. surely we can overlock them what happens by doing overclock?.

We can speed up the CPU by increasing its clock speed. It's just like making an athlete run faster than he can. To do this you need to increase the processor's "multiplier" which can be found in our computer's BIOS causing the processor's clock speed to increase. Most manufacturers don't recommend overclocking as it can damage the processor or other devices which are overlocked. But some are labeled or we can identify the devices which can be overlocked most of these kinds of processors are labeled with a letter "K" in their model name. Overlocking also increases the power usage for the pc coz there are more cycles than before so power consumption can also be an issue

Pro's and Con's of Overlocking

Overlocking seems dangerous for some people but also interesting for the people like gamers, developers, or anyone who want more performance from their device. Or maybe the people who don't have enough money to buy a good CPU or GPU and want to overlock their current chips for getting the same specs. Overclocking may be beneficial around the 2010s but now as the CPUs are already so powerful and overclocking actually doesn't change much.

We should also see that if we increasing or overclocking the CPU or GPU are the other hardware in our pc can actually maintain the change can it really handle the effect or else it would be really hard. there can be so many performance issues. power consumptions, heat issues, frame drops, deadly blue screens which we all computer nerds know, and how annoying it is.

But sometimes overclocking our devices a lit bit might be good. But we have to see whether our pc can adapt to the change. Intel adds a "k" or an "X" to the model number of their intel CPU's which can withstand overclocking, And if you are an AMD fan then any RYZEN CPU can be overclocked

We have to ensure proper cooling for the pc. Due to overclocking the CPU does a lot more works than it's usually intended to do. IF there is no proper cooling of power supply say goodbye to your pc.
The best cooling out there is liquid cooling systems that can deal with the extra heat generated by your faster CPU. Any time you increase the Clock speed spend a few hours in the "stress test" which can tell about the CPU issues. If your CPU can't withstand it reset to factory settings. 

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