NOTE: This topic is about anime. This doesn't has info about since or tech. It's just some good info if you are weeb

 So if you guys come here I expect with the curiosity you came is what is "nen"

Well it ain't that hard or complex thing to understand. I believe you know what it is if you've watched hunter x hunter

Nen is the aura of a person. Every person has his life energy know nen in him

nen has 4 principles:

1. TEN: This is the ability to let the nen out of our body, to cover our body like weightless cloths which                 protect us from other people's nen
              This will only protect if our will power/nen is more stronger then out foe

2. ZETSU: This is the ability to conceal our presence i.e. to not let the nen flow out of pores so that                           other's can't sense or track us

3. REN: This ability is used to enhance the nen or it is more likely to get will power stronger which                    mostly this is used before using hatsu and sometimes attacking to increase their attack power

4. HATSU: This ability is like to release the nen outside in a direction. After using ren this is used. This                    ability is used to make the foe tremble in fear just by demonstrating how strong we are(if                       user's nen is more powerful than in foe's)

                  To get protected from hatsu the user must know to activate ten, otherwise hey might due it                      the foe's nen is continuously flowing towards him

There are more advanced applications of nen are Gyo, In, En, Shu, Ko, Ken, Ryu

Those are just the basics of nen, but every individual belongs to a category of nen, which are

EMITTER: The user can emit his nen and can master this applications of easily

TRANSMUATATOR: The user can change the quality of aura to his wish

ENHANCER: The user can strength them self and objects

CONJURATOR: The user can create objects and command them

MANIPULATOR: The user can manipulate living or non living them

SPECIALIST: This is very unique category which does not falls in above 5 categories

as you see in above pic the category of nen user can get the 100% out of him in his category and master its applications easily the applications of its neighbor category can be used but it will create stress on the user and he can not be at his full potential and neighbor's neighbor applications is much more harder to use and the exact opposite technique can be used itself

NOTE: This is just the info to get you familiar to nen

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