Is this A Simulation?

Is this A Simulation?

Simulation hypothesis: Most of you have played open-world games at least once in a while we enjoy playing them they feel like real-world driving with sports cars hitting people creating chaos, etc all feels satisfying. But what if I say we are also in a simulation like GTA or some other open-world games and the worst part is we don't even realize it. This is known as Simulation theory.

Simulation Theory, what is reality

Let's take about what this theory really tells about. As we were talking about open worlds all the characters in the game may think that they are real characters and that is their real-world which they live in. But don't know that we are the people who control them. The same goes for the simulation theory.

Might be a very advanced civilization in the universe that might have created a supercomputer that runs this simulation. This computer may be a lot more frick'n advance than any computer that a human might create because running this whole universe simulation in a computer requires very high computational power which we humans don't have. There can also be a theory that only some part of the simulation is right and the rest is just an illusion think like this. Suppose you are reading this article sitting in your chair or somewhere else. But what if only the things which you see are part of simulation and the rest of the world doesn't even exist. Sounds crazy right! it is crazy actually.

Is there any Proof?

There is actually a long history to this. And also some present situations for example why the universe is so limited like the speed of light is limited which limits a lot of things. Why are we not able to reach other civilizations or aliens. How are we created how did the big bang occur? We actually don't know the origin of our own selves which makes this theory somewhat acceptable.

Also as I am coming from Indian background in my religion or whatever you call there are actually stories about so many gods who are a lot more powerful than humans and can control planets with their hand movements. The word "MAYA" which refers to illusion is more popular in the Hindu religion and the Indus civilization being the oldest civilization this might be true.

Not only Indian mythology in different religions they are evidence of this theory. There are many Conferences held to discuss this topic. Many Great scientists and astrophysicists as Neil deGrasse Tyson,.Michio Kaku was also invited to this conference. But there are also different ideas about this theory some of the group agree to this theory and others say that such a theory can't exist. Even though there are many conferences we can't come to conclusion only was is to prove this theory. But it's very hard to prove. For example how a character in a game can know that he is not a human and not a character. Are we really made in such a way that even if we see the proofs can we detect and argue that this is simulation? What if the moment we get to know that this is a simulation and creatures who are running this simulation cant they undo the mindset.

There are also some movies based on this theory. A popular example is Matrix starring Keanu Reeves. This is a perfect example of this theory. And also the series dark there are references like "Glitch in a Matrix" which indicates the same thing as the movie Matrix. The main Concern here is what if this theory comes out to be true. Then what will be our situation? What else can we do? Are we destined to do all these things? Am I Destined to write this blog and are you reading this blog? Are all this already decided and we are just following them?

Are there any chances to prove it?

As for now, I guess there is no way to prove this theory that's the reason so many of us don't even about this theory. In our world, the things which can be proved are only taken as important and the rest of the people don't even consider them. Or we can just wait to see the glitch in the matrix because as it is a machine somewhere or else there might be some error which we can notice.

But what can we do If this Simulation theory goes right?

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