Sudden FPS drop

Sudden FPS drop

Have you always wondered about your FPS going down while playing , especially after playing a game for 20-30 minutes or more, that too FPS drops for 1-10 seconds and goes back to normal and then again it follows the same cycle?

If yes this post may help you fix this FPS drops, The following are the ways you can do to fix the issue

1.Updating your GPU drivers

Try updating your GPU drivers as the GPU manufacturers try to fix the issues caused by the previous drivers or they try to upgrade many issues using the new drivers

  • For Nvidia Users download the game ready drivers from the following link
  • For AMD users download the drivers from the following link:

2.Downgrading GPU drivers

There are cases where frame drops can be caused due to the new versions of drivers , so it is better to downgrade if you are facing this issue

3.MSI Afterburner

Try downloading MSI Afterburner . MSI Afterburner keeps monitoring your CPU,GPU temps and other key features .

while playing keep this on and check your temps , if your CPU temps cross 90°C then be careful as it may fry your chips. Try using 4th method if your temps cross 90°C

  • the link for MSI Afterburner:


4.Undervolting your device

This method tries to keep your CPU temps down.

What is “undervolting”?

Undervolting means to reduce the voltage a component receives.

Why does this matter?

Lowering the voltage, even by relatively small amounts, reduces the power draw of the components (in this case, the CPU) and thus decreases the heat generated while increasing battery life.

The best application for undervolting is Throttlestop . It gives us vast features for undervolting.

There are other apps like Intel XTU but they are limited to few processors only.

  • The link for Throttlestop

This method is a trial and error method , You can use Youtube for reference but still it's better to try it out for yourself

5. Changing Few Settings in Windows Registry

I know few people might say changing windows registry is dangerous and you shouldn't do anything, Well actually yeah but This method was actually helpful to many and be careful what you are changing

  • type Regedit in windows search bar

  • Then go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER and double click on it and go to System and then double click on it and go to GameConfigStore and then go to GAMEDVR_ENABLED change the value to '0' if it is '1'

  • Again under GameConfigStore go to GAMEDVR_FSEBehaviorMode and change the value to '2' irrespctive of the value present there

  • Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and double click on it and then go to SOFTWARE and double click on it and go to MICROSOFT and double click on it and go to POLICYMANAGER and double click on it to go to default and double click on it to go to ApplicationManagement and double click on it to go to AllowGameDVR and double click on it to go to value and change the value to '0' from '1'

  • and then you are good to go

    Few Notable Fixes

    • Try cleaning your fans as dust/debris as they may affect cooling
    • try disabling xbox gamebar and captures

    P.S even I was the victim of this issue(Sudden FPS drops), I have tried many things but couldn't fix it until I did 5th method , Hope it works for you

    Thanks for going through this page!!

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