All you Need to Know About Windows 11

All you Need to Know About Windows 11

Windows 11 is Here!!. Here is all you need to know about the new Windows 11 updates, Features, and how to check If your device is Compatible.

Windows 11 Announcement 

It confirmed that windows 11 is on its way. There were quite a few rumors about windows 11 even after Microsoft announced that Windows 10 is the last Operating system. And all the new updates will be on windows 10. But After the Virtual Event on 24 June 2021 it was confirmed that Windows 11 is here and Windows 10 will end getting technical updates after 2024 as it happened for windows XP and windows 7. During the announcement of Windows 11, Microsoft also released a new version of Windows 10 which we might get in the next few days.

Before Windows 11 get rolled outlets see the features. It has a lot of features compared to windows 10 and new upgrades also. It also has a Mac look for its taskbar. 

Windows 11 Features

As a part of the event, Microsoft made a glance at the upcoming features of the Operating system. Some of them are upgraded versions of Windows 10 and some new features.

Interface, Widgets, Taskbar:= Now Windows 11 Interface looks similar to Mac OS. Microsoft also says that now windows will be more mobile friendly and most importantly most of the Android Apps may come to the Microsoft store. The Taskbar is also changed quite a bit now it's central to the middle and the windows logo is also tilted a bit. Ahh, the most loved feature about the interface is that the Rounded corners and clean design.

Work Friendly:= After the pandemic most of the people are working from home. So apps like Microsoft teams are most used for this purpose. Windows 11 will be integrated with Microsoft teams And can be directly accessed from the taskbar with many other features. Users can also interact with Taskbar for text, voice, and video messages. This is will change the Future of work from home using Windows 11.

Better Gaming:= Another most waited feature is Better Gaming Experience. As Xbox is a part of Microsoft some of the features are made into windows 11 which improves the gaming experience. Features like Auto HDR which is nothing but improving the picture quality, lighting, and colors of games. Another Feature that improves the Game Loading speed which uses the DirectStorage Technology from Xbox consoles this will be also added to windows 11. And How Xbox app comes inbuilt with Windows 10 it will also come for Windows 11 where Players can buy Games and Game passes

A lot of Widgets:= You might have seen widgets in Windows 7 or XP like telling about CPU speed, Temperatures, etc. These features will be re brought to windows 11 like weather notifications, daily news updates, all other customizable widgets. Microsoft also said that Some of the widgets will be in windows 10 also in the next upcoming update.

Multitasking and Customizable Desktops:= Multitasking and Multiple Desktop options are also there in windows 10. This feature was first introduced in Windows 10 only. But its Windows 11 adds more customizable options to it. Keep different Wallpaper on different desktops. One for work, One for Casuals, and One for Gaming. Move needed apps between the desktops. This feature is also available in MAC OS.

Windows Gets Better:= Even After getting so many Major updates Windows 11 will be fast enough. It will be more Efficient and Faster than the older Windows versions. Windows 11 also has improved Booting time Which loads the OS faster. For Laptop users,, the battery life also increases due to the optimized Operating system.

But the Windows 11 is completely made from Windows 10 Code. It like optimization the Operating system. There are not yet exact dates about the release of if. But it Considered being the end of 2021 or starting of 2022.

Will it be free?  How to get Windows 11

Yes, it is Free. In the Announcement Microsoft, all confirmed that Windows 11 will be free. If you are a Windows user it's free of cost. The minimum requirements of Windows 11 are
You should have a 64 bit CPU with 4GB of RAM and at least 64 Gb of storage then you are good to go. Windows 11 will be updated free during the updates as it was done during windows 10. And there is no need to rush about the update Microsoft said that you can update Whenever you want to upgrade to it there is no time limit for the offer. They also mentioned that the license is not free it's only free for the windows users as a part of the update and other need to pay to buy the license.

How to Check for Device Compatibility?

As a part of Windows 11 news Microsoft also released a Software called PC Health Check which we can use for Checking if our device is compatible with windows 11 update and can we get it. Follow the steps to check with the software.

1. First download the software from here PC Health Check. More about this software on the official site here. Run and Install the software.

2. Now in the Home tab search for the software and open it. After opening it you can see an option like "Check now". Click on it then it will scan your pc and tell the information

If your PC is compatible with windows 11 update you should get a message like 

 If your device is not compatible you will get a message like

What if Your device is not Compatible?

Some computer Bios might not be updated for windows 11 which causes your device incompatible. The reason may be because of different issues. Microsoft also said that to get a windows 11 update your PC needs to have TPM(Trusted Platform Module) 2.0. So the older bios and motherboards might not have this feature.

This can be also checked by using a command called Get-TPM in PowerShell. Remember to use PowerShell as administrator.

This feature can also be enabled in our bios settings during the booting. This feature can be found in miscellaneous settings. Or toggling the TPM setting. 

What Next?

Now we all can just wait for the release of Windows 11. Microsoft also said that it can have beta tests for some users. So if you are lucky enough you can also enter into it and get the windows 11 hands-on even before it release

Stay tuned for Windows 11 and other Tech Updates

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